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Task team to drive goat exports to Saudi Arabia

The Zambian livestock ministry has constituted a task team to drive the export of goat and sheep to Saudi Arabia.

Livestock minister Michael Katambo says the team must come up with a roadmap to profitably exploit the opportunity.

“The task force will look into modalities such as raising the population of goat and sheep and logistics for exports,” he says.

Katambo says the task force will consider the input provided by stakeholders and further engage them before coming up with a roadmap.
Saudi Arabia has requested more than 1 million goats from Zambia annually.

However, a number of challenges stood in Zambia’s way to sustain exports and satisfy the local market. This includes a low population of goat and sheep.

Other problems are a lack of information, traceability and limited export infrastructure. Another major hurdle identified by the forum is long-term competition from established exporters such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Australia.

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