US$25.5 million to tackle climate change in The Gambia

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will provide US$20.5 million for a natural resource development project designed to help Gambian farmers tackle climate change through the restoration of degraded farmlands, forests and coastal zones.

In a press statement released on 6 February, the UNEP said financing for the 6-year Ecosystem-based Adaptation Project (EbA) will be sourced from its Green Climate Fund (GCF). The Gambian government is contributing an additional US$5 million to the project.

Gambian Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources Lamin Dibba said the project will build climate resilience among Gambian farmers, who are vulnerable to loss of soils and soil fertility due to environmental degradation, frequent severe droughts and rising sea levels.

“The EbA project shall rehabilitate up to 10 000 hectares of degraded forest and wildlife parks through reforestation, enrichment planting, conservation of rare and endangered species, as well as the restoration of 3 000 hectares of abandoned and marginal agricultural lands,” Dibba said.

Up to 11 500 Gambian households in 4 regions that lie adjacent to the Gambia River are expected to benefit directly from the project. An estimated 46 200 households in 3 other regions are expected to benefit indirectly.

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