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USAID support lifts productivity of Tanzanian smallholder farmers

The application of technologies to scale up sustainable agricultural productivity is paying dividends to more than 50 000 Tanzanian smallholder farmers. The intervention, a brainchild of USAID Tanzania funded Africa Rising (NAFAKA), has exceeded the targets set when it was unveiled in 2014.

“The efficacy of the technologies being promoted are not only increasing agricultural productivity but are also enhancing sustainability in environmental, economic, and social terms,” project coordinator, Haroon Sseguya was quoted in the local media.

Technologies disseminated to farmers included improved high-yielding, drought-tolerant maize, legume, rice, and vegetable varieties, post-harvest management like motorised shelling machines and hermetic bags for grain storage.

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The project also supports protection of land and water resources through land and water management, tackling soil acidity and salinity, and introducing and promoting food safety technologies.

Building farmer capacity through training to adopt these technologies was crucial, as well as working with lead farmers who in turn trained other farmers, says Sseguya.

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