Win popular book by Dr Faffa Malan!

The book Ask the vet – What cattle farmers should know (1), written by Dr Francois (Faffa) Malan, a virtual veterinarian and animal health expert,  remains very popular among farmers.

Malan’s book is a compilation of his knowledge and management practices on how farmers can care for their cattle and keep them in good condition and health.

“These books are not like any other handbook. The book answers farmers’ most popular questions,” says Malan.

Malan was able to answer these questions with the help of other experts. “I had the assistance of numerous veterinarians, as well as nutritionists.”

Faffa believes that the recipe for the increasing popularity of his books is the simple writing style. “The book is written in such a way that anyone can easily understand it. I’ve said that it can also be valuable to an elementary school child.”

The popularity of Malan’s content has led to his weekly appearances on Landbouweekliks. “I am grateful for these features on DStv and encourage everyone to watch them to learn more. I receive so much positive feedback from my appearances on these episodes.”

He also receives positive feedback from emerging farmers during his regular visits to African Farming’s farming days. “The farmers’ interest in these farming days is very high. We have up to 400 people attending these farming days, which I find incredible. I look forward to every African Farming farming day.”

Lucky readers have the chance to win Dr Faffa’s Ask the vet – What cattle farmers should know (1) by taking part in a competition on African Farming’s Facebook page.

The book is also available at for R230. Visit the website for purchases or email or call 021 406 4962.

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