Your new Ford Ranger bakkie can now be bulletproof

With more than 18 000 vehicle hijackings recorded in South Africa every year, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa is doing what it can to make sure its customers are protected with the latest technology in armoured protection.

The Ford Ranger, which is among one of the best-selling vehicles in South Africa, is now available with an extra layer of protection. Ford has partnered with SVI Engineering to offer armoured protection for their Ranger bakkie, the only vehicle in its category to be offered with the OEM-approved armoured protection.

SVI Engineering, a company that specialises in vehicle armouring, now offers manufacturer-approved bullet-proofing for the Ford Ranger models.

SVI offers two levels of Ford-approved armoured protection for the Ranger across all models – the B4 and the B6 Armoured Specification. The B4 offers customers bullet-resistant protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum. The B6 is the highest level of civilian protection. Its armoured specification has been designed to protect against the ammunition fired by the R1 assault rifle and the AK47.

Over the years Ford has remained committed to improving the safety of its customers with top-class safety features such as roll-over mitigation, trailer sway assist, pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection and autonomous emergency braking, just to name a few. The bulletproof protection is just another way Ford is making sure its customers are protected against the dangers out there.

If you are interested in the armoured Ford Ranger, you can place an order for an armoured Ranger at any one of the over 134 Ford dealerships around the country.

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