Zambia, Angola seal deal to combat livestock diseases

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Zambia and Angola will jointly conduct the routine vaccination of animals along the cordon line between the two countries to prevent and control livestock diseases, said Zambian Livestock Minister Michael Katambo.

Katambo said the agreement will also improve animal movement monitoring between the countries. “Some animals are crossing the border between the two countries and if only one country conducts animal vaccination, the spread of diseases will continue,” he said.

The cordon line, constructed at a cost of US$500 000, stretches 300 km between Zambia’s North Western Province and Angola. It has been largely credited for the decline in cases of Contagious Bovine Plural Pneumonia (CBPP), a respiratory cattle disease that is rife in North Western Province.

Katambo added that cordon guards will also be deployed to check the movement of animals between the countries.

“Treasury released K13 million of the budgeted K50 million for operations along the cordon line and we are procuring motorbikes to be used for monitoring animal movement,” he said.

Despite the importance of the livestock industry to help develop Zambia’s economy, the sector continues to face frequent outbreaks of livestock disease.

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