Zambia bars foreigners from selling live birds

In a move aimed at protecting the local poultry industry, the Zambian government has now barred foreigners from selling live birds.

Minister of commerce Margaret Mwanakatwe says the sale of live birds will be reserved for Zambians.

“Any foreigner who undertakes business in the reserved category will be guilty of an offence, and is liable upon conviction, to a specified fine or imprisonment,” Mwanakatwe warns.

The move follows the approval of Statutory Instrument (SI) 01 of 2017, which falls under the Citizens Economic Empowerment Act. It dictates that no foreigner may sell live birds on a wholesale or retail basis.

The poultry industry has in the last few years faced profitability swings due to high input costs. Compounding the problem is the import of subsidised poultry products.

Concerned by the declining trend, the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) has lobbied government to put measures in place to protect the local industry.

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