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Zambia culls thousands of pigs in bid to halt African swine fever

More than 8 000 pigs have been culled to halt the spread of African swine fever (ASF) in Zambia.

Livestock Minister Michael Katambo said there is no compensation for the affected farmers.

“The culling coupled by the continued ban of movement of pigs has enabled us to contain the disease from spreading to other provinces. We also have to step up sensitisation of local farmers, especially that there is no compensation,” Katambo said.

The disease was first detected in October in Mwense, 150 km from the provincial capital Mansa in Luapula Province , and then spread to neighbouring Northern Province.

Though government released K1 million to combat the disease, operations have been hampered by the slow pace of resources reaching affected areas.

Katambo said traditional leaders and other stakeholders needed to work with government to combat the disease that was threatening the pig industry in the two provinces.

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Strict quarantine measures implemented at the Luangwa River Bridge, the only surface outlet from Eastern Province where the disease had been endemic since it was first reported in 1912, appeared to have been successful in restricting the disease. However, in 1989, an outbreak occurred for the first time outside the endemic province. Sporadic outbreaks have since occurred almost throughout the country.

Meanwhile government had procured more than 30 000 vaccines to control East Coast fever in Southern Province, the home of the largest cattle population.

According to the Department of Veterinary Services, the vaccination of animals was scheduled to start this week. The charge for vaccination is K25 per animal.

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