Zambia sees sharp drop in egg and chicken production

Zambian’s egg and chicken production has seen a huge decline due to tough economic times, says the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ). And responding to the development, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Minister Michael Katambo said government was working on managing the industry’s high cost of production.

The minister said government had put in place strict export measures for maize and soya to ensure sufficient stocks for animal, human and industrial consumption. According to PAZ, egg production dropped by 26% while the broiler sub-sector fell by 4.8%.

“The total volumes of chickens and eggs sold on the market has dropped due to the eroded purchasing power of consumers,” said PAZ President Rhodnie Sisala during the association’s annual general meeting.

Sisala said production costs in the form of feed and other inputs had also risen sharply, contributing to the decline in the poultry industry. According to PAZ, the mushrooming of unregulated fees and council levies were exacerbating the situation.

On the threats of avian influenza that had resulted into a ban of poultry imports, Sisala said the situation had put producers under intense pressure and reiterated the continued need for high level biosecurity and hygiene practices.

Currently the ban extended to poultry imports from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zimbabwe, South Africa and all nations that have recorded an outbreak of pathogenic avian influenza

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