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Zambia encouraged to join fisheries initiative

Zambia has been encouraged to join the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) to enhance trade and investment in the sector.

The initiative intends to be a code of conduct involving states, civil society, development partners and operators in the fisheries sector.

It will provide each member country with fisheries legislation and contracts.

According to Peter Eigen, FiTI chairperson, the implementation of the initiative will increase trust levels and levels of accountability and openness for intergovernmental cooperation and fisheries management.

“The challenge is to ensure transparency of all fishing activities in the country,” he said.

Jean-Louis Kromer, Chief Natural Resources Management Officer at African Development Bank, said the challenge is to ensure total transparency of fishing activities in a country.

It is essential to have complete publication of fishing permits, since all fishing activities are based on it.

States who want to join FiTI must submit a formal application to the Secretariat. This opens the independent evaluation procedure to ensure a country meets all criteria.

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