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Zambia imposes fishing ban in bid to contain cholera

The Zambian Ministry of Fisheries imposed a 30-day nationwide fishing ban to prevent the spread of cholera.

The ban, coming bare after the 90-day annual mandatory fishing moratorium expired, affected more than 30 000 fishermen, fish traders and transporters.

“As a preventive measure against the outbreak of cholera in the country, no fishing activities will be allowed in all fishery areas, including Lake Kariba,” read a notice by the Department of Fisheries obtained by

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All fishing areas in Zambia – Lake Bangweulu, Mweru-wa-ntipa, Mweru-Luapula, Lukanga Swamps, Lusuwashi, Lower Zambezi and Chambeshi – are closed, with the exception of Lake Kariba and Lake Tanganyika, from December 1 to beginning of March.

Torrential downpours, and subsequent poor drainage and sanitation in the crowded capital Lusaka, worsened the cholera outbreak that has held the country in its grasp since September 2017.

According to ministerial sources, there would be a grace period to allow those with legally caught fish to sell the stock.

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