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Zambia to restrict land leases for foreigners

The Zambian government is considering limiting land tenure ownership of foreigners from 99-year leases to 25 years, said Lands Minister Jean Kapata. She said many Zambians have asked for a ban on foreign land ownership.

“Foreign land ownership is one of the major reforms to be reflected in the new land policy. The issue of 99-year leases being adjusted downwards has delayed the presentation of the revised law,” she said.

Zambia’s land law was last revised in 1995. The current act puts all land in the hands of the president, for and on behalf of the Zambian people. It provides for administration under two systems: statutory and customary tenure.

Government officials administer statutory land in accordance with written laws, while customary land is administered by traditional authorities using unwritten and local customary laws.

This made it easier to acquire customary land through local traditional leaders. However, the land acquired was unsecured for long-term investment and not titled.

Meanwhile, government said it is done with titling in some parts of the country. The programme will enable all Zambians who owned land, to get title deeds. This will clarify who owns what land in Zambia.

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