Zambia steps up measures to promote sustainable water use

The Zambian government has implemented a slew of legislative measures to promote better water management. The measures include revisions of water tariffs and ground water usage regulations.

Minister of Water Development Dennis Wanchinga said the measures were aimed at ensuring effective and sustainable water management across all sectors, including agriculture.

“This reduces the impact on the environment and promotes economic instruments to tackle the decline of water resources,” Wanshinga said.

On the revision of raw water tariffs, Wanshinga said the proportion of the cost of water services such as dams, weirs and other supply systems with a negative impact on the environment, is paid for by the users.

He said the increase in the population, coupled with infrastructure development has created pressure on water resources. Further, the regulation of underground water and borehole drilling will reduce the recurrence of waterborne diseases like cholera.

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According to the new borehole drilling regulation, operators will be required to licensed and adhere to strict standards.

“In the past, we have had drilling companies doing poor workmanship and subsequent collapse of boreholes,” said Drillers Association of Zambia (DAZ) Board Secretary Christopher Chilongo.

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