Zambia tackles post-harvest grain losses

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The Zambian government has embarked on the construction of 98 warehouses countrywide, at a cost of K300 million, to reduce post-harvest grain losses arising from lack of storage.

This followed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Advanced African Solutions (ADAS) and local contractor Savenda Management Services. “This will harness Zambia’s food security,” said Craig Bayley, ADAS Managing Director.

ADAS specialises in storage development with a focus on food security, and played a lead role in funding negotiations under the Africa Opportunity Growth Act (Agoa).

Group Managing Director of Savenda Management Services, Clever Mpoha, said the construction of the warehouses on 79 rural sites will create an additional capacity of 430 000 tons of grain storage.

“Grain losses contribute to food insecurity and low farm incomes. Therefore, our involvement is a tremendous contribution to efficient post-harvest handling, and ultimately uplifting rural communities as stipulated in Zambia’s Vision 2030,” he said.

Mopha said the location of new storage sites mitigates most of the factors related to post-harvest grain losses as small-scale and emergent farmers could easily access modern warehouses.

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