Zambian Agritech Expo expects a strong South African presence

Organisers of the Agritech Expo Zambia (Expo) have said that this year’s Expo has drawn a strong South African crowd. This shows the strong interest in the emerging Zambian agricultural sector.

According to the commercial director of the Expo, Liam Beckett, Zambian agriculture is an appealing market for South African suppliers and farmers. “In certain sectors the South African market is saturated and many South African companies are looking to expand across the border to continue business growth in Africa,” said Beckett.

The estimated 400 commercial Zambian farmers who farm in the same style as their South African counterparts are part of a promising market for South African agri-businesses.

South African exhibitors and sponsors at the Expo include AGRICO, Gallagher Power Fence SA Pty Ltd, Hydraform, Kempston Agri- Claas, Lindsay Africa, Neptun Boot, Organico, Senter 360, Teejet and ROFF.

Beckett said the increased number of international pavilions showed that there was growing global interest in Zambia as an agri-market.

Delegates from European countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France will be present at the show.

The Expo, owned by the Zambia National Farmers’ Union, is to be held in Chisamba from 27 April to 29 April.

Expo visitors can look forward to free workshops, machinery and product demonstrations and crop trials.

This year’s Expo will feature a specialised agri-sector industry zone and mowing and baling demonstrations

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