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Zambian authorities seize tons of fish to enforce annual fishing ban

The Zambian Ministry of Fisheries seized 2 000 kg of fish in an operation to enforce the annual fish ban.

Ministry of Fisheries’ Victor Mutanuka said the fish, an assortment of dry and fresh, included small fishes, indicating use of destructive fishing methods like poison and explosives.

He said the fish, intercepted in Shibuyunji District, Lusaka Province, was from the Kafue River.

All fishing areas in Zambia with the exception of Lake Kariba and Lake Tanganyika are closed from 1 December until the beginning of March. The ban is put in place to avoid fishing during the breeding season to ensure the replenishing of fish stocks.

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Rampant violations of the ban coupled by destructive fishing methods were contributing to the estimated 45 000 ton deficit of the 120 000 tons national fish consumption.

Mutanuka reiterated the need to introduce punitive measures against fishermen engaging in destructive fishing methods and failing to adhere to the annual fish ban.

On the other hand, fishermen say the ban adversely affected their livelihoods since they depended on fishing as their sole source of income.

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