Zambia’s Copperbelt gets farming boost

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AFGRI Agri Services, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), an affiliate of Vendanta Resources, and ImpactAgri Holdings are combining forces to promote agriculture and food processing in Zambia’s Copperbelt region.

The companies intend to create jobs and preserve ecosystems around KCM’s mines. According to Steven Din, CEO of KCM, the mining company’s vision for the region stretches beyond mining. Vedanta wants to help develop a resilient economic regional hub where people can make a living, even when copper prices are low.


AFGRI and ImpactAgri’s inclusive farming methods approach and best environmental practices will be followed on the approximately 1 500 ha that have been selected for initial development.

The aim is to plant a mixture of high-value and commodity crops for local and export markets. The partners want to create sustainable, large-scale, commercial farming concerns that will have a significant and positive economic and social impact.


John White, ImpactAgri’s CEO, says access to enough clean water is one of the greatest obstacles for the development of agricultural projects in Africa.

“Thanks to the surplus clean water from KCM’s Konkola mine, we have the perfect opportunity to develop local farmers into serious ‘agri-preneurs’ as part of an organised, large-scale farming system.”

AFGRI Agricultural Development Services CEO Vaughan McTaggart, who transfers his knowledge through his Abba projects in order to develop flourishing independent farmers, foresees that this cooperative project will make a meaningful contribution to local economic development and food security in Zambia.

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