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“Zambia’s food security stable” – FEWSNET

Zambia’s food security is expected to remain stable, said the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET).

According to FEWSNET, households will keep benefitting from lower staple food prices and adequate supply.

“Food security in the country is generally expected to remain stable due to higher household food supply,” read the latest bulletin issued by FEWSNET.

FEWSNET also predicts a further decline in the prices of staple food at the back of panic selling before the start of the rain season. However, prices are expected to start rising in January 2018, peaking in March.

On productivity projections for the next planting season, FEWSNET takes a pessimistic view. It says farmers are likely to cut back on areas planted for maize, soya beans and groundnuts.

This, according to the network, will be a consequence of farmers accessing less inputs due to lower returns from this year’s harvest. Prices for maize and soybean dropped by as much as 30%.

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