ZNFU calls for support

The newly-elected ZNFU has a difficult task ahead to get the organisation back on its feet. The ZNFU had been through a rough year, rocked by scandal and needed help from all role-players said Mr Jervis Zimba, new president of the organisation.

Zimba appealed for support from stakeholders because of the strategic role the ZNFU played in the development of the Zambian economy.

“With the new board in place, the real work to rebuild has just begun. The support, advice and solidarity from all quarters will be important and should carry us through to another level,” said Zimba.

Conscious management would be needed for the farmers’ union to survive and recover he said.

“This will demand that the issues of corporate governance, transparency, accountability and integrity are tackled head, on as we re-engineer the institution with a mission to emerge stronger and more efficient than ever,” he said.

“As a membership driven organisation, the union is opening a new page and will need members to rally behind our common bond deal, rooted in farming, which is the springboard of economic activities.”


“To ensure the continuous survival of the union, the new board has taken responsibility of the situation and has pledged to take tangible steps to reach out, rebuild and regain its strength in promoting and safeguarding the interests of its members and growth of the agriculture sector.”

The newly elected ZNFU board will be tasked with a comprehensive overview of the union, which will allow them to implement measures to decrease the amount of resources they use.

The future

“The task ahead is very challenging, particularly with co-operating partners who have withdrawn financial support from the union.”

Zimba said that Zambian farmers needed the ZNFU now, more than ever, because of the last two seasons of drought.

Apology offered

Zimba issued an apology to all parties who might have been offended during the whole ordeal.

“On behalf of the ZNFU members, the board and the staff, I would like to say that as an institution, things went wrong and we are sorry for whatever happened, as we open a new page,” he said. “Whatever happened will be dealt with within the confines of the laws of Zambia. Our engagement with all stakeholders continues for the common good of safeguarding the interests of our members.”

The new board had their first meeting last week. Mr Elico Spyron and Mr Austin Shinachize were elected as first and second vice-president respectively.

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