ZNFU issues ultimatum to resolve maize price impasse with FRA

The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has issued an ultimatum to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to meet farmers over the price of maize. This is as the farmers’ union reiterated its call to farmers to hold back from selling maize to FRA.

The state-owned grain buying agency has set the price of maize at K60/50kg, much to the chagrin of farmers nationwide.

ZNFU President Jervis Zimba said the union would next week take up another step should FRA fail to respond to its request for a meeting to discuss the price of maize.

“Farmers should continue holding on to their maize until this matter is resolved. This is the only way we are going to help farmers who only have money once a year,” said ZNFU President Jervis Zimba. FRA has yet to respond to the ultimatum by ZNFU

On Tuesday, FRA started buying maize and soya at 760 depots scattered nationwide. It was expected to buy 500,000 tons of maize, 20,000 tons of soya bean and 2,100 tons of paddy rice.

However, the buying exercise took off to a slow start as farmers seemed to have heeded the call by ZNFU not to sell their crop to FRA until the price impasse is resolved.

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