Passion: the main driver of success

Lindiwe Sithole, brand-new host of African Farming Season 2, met the beautiful Mbali Nwoko, a modern female vegetable farmer who is eager to share her vision and passion.

After starting out with Swiss chard, Nwoko, a determined entrepreneur, expanded her vegetable enterprise to include crops like green peppers, baby marrows and green beans. “My passion for agriculture has definitely grown over the years,” she says. 

According to Sithole, Nwoko believes in gaining wisdom from a strong farming network. “Mbali is a well-known face and a firm believer in knowledge sharing across all spheres of the agricultural sector.” 

A love of farming is firmly imbedded in rural culture and the reason why many farmers endure despite hardships. Dr Thapelo Makae, a veterinarian from Elanco and a panel expert of African Farming, says these strong feelings drive most farmers to get into the industry.

“We as service providers need to remember that most farmers have a deep passion for farming. They believe they can make a difference, not only for their families but also for their communities. That is why it is important for companies like Elanco to build strong relationships, being open-minded about each farmer’s dream and assisting them to realise it.”

Dr Makae says Elanco creates innovative solutions through its products and services that address the challenges of an ever-changing world.

“We aim to provide useful advice and information that will assist farmers in caring for the health and wellbeing of their animals, and we help farmers with practical issues by providing them with information on how to use the product optimally.”

Elanco also provides additional information on how to identify parasites, diseases and other issues, and which treatments to use. “We aim to put our farmers at the centre of everything we do and invest many hours in identifying challenges that farmers face and customizing solutions that meet customer needs,” he adds. 

Over the years Dr Makae has spent a lot of time with farmers and cannot emphasise the importance of knowledge sharing enough.

“Farmers appreciate us partnering with them in the long run. The relationship should be based on collecting information from the farmer about their business and then sharing valuable information with them to help them on their journey in ensuring optimal health for their herds.”

He says farmers should also network among themselves. “It is so important to identify the key opinion leaders in your community and connect with them to share equipment and pass on valuable knowledge.” 

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