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Poultry production: How much water should your chickens drink?

Question: How important is water in the poultry industry?

  • Water is a vital and important nutrient of poultry, and fresh potable water must always be available.
  • Poultry drink twice as much water as the feed they eat and this fact must be borne in mind.
  • Please note that these are approximate quantities and how much is consumed can vary depending on the climate and feed quality.
  • It’s just as important to ensure that the water available to poultry is always fresh and potable (quality fit for human consumption).
  • For optimal intake the water shouldn’t be too cold or very hot.
  • Access to fresh potable water will ensure that production is not depressed because of lack of water.

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  • This article was written by Dr. Mick Versfeld and first appeared in Farming SA.

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