Relentless Innovation. Bold Leadership.

By Digital team | 2 December 2019
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In tackling the problems that affect the lives and the livelihoods of millions of people, there is no room for mediocrity and no time to be timid. Planet-threatening challenges like radical climate change, declining natural resources and global food insecurity call for relentless innovation and bold leadership.

Farmers are hard-pressed to meet the global challenge of providing nutritious food for a rapidly growing population that is constantly demanding healthier food. Growers will have to substantially increase both the quantity and quality of their yields in the coming decades. But environmental constraints threaten their ability to do so.

Collaborating with stakeholders and local partners to build capacity in several African countries, Corteva Agriscience™ is now identifying and implementing new technology and smarter agronomic practices for sustainable and productive climate-smart agricultural systems.

The company is committed to work across the global agriculture value chain to create more efficient food systems with leading positions in seed technology, crop protection and digital agriculture. Fully convinced that the future of agriculture depends on innovation, Corteva is heavily invested in developing innovative solutions, improving productivity and creating value for farmers.

A combination of strong science, technology and agricultural knowledge backed by elite germplasm and breeding capabilities in trait characterisation and development make Corteva a leader in breeding.

Our Integrated Field Sciences team works cross-functionally with the regulatory and breeding teams in field trials on the biology and registration data for the development and commercialisation of crop protection products, seed treatments and agronomic traits for the management of insects and nematodes, diseases and weeds.

Corteva Agriscience’s world-class research and development organisation includes local and global scientists who develop useful tools to accelerate the discovery and delivery of new products across multiple crops for farmers.

Research efforts support breeding programmes for all crops including maize, sunflower, grain sorghum, forage sorghum, wheat, dry beans and soya beans. Local capability includes state-of-the-art testing infrastructure and labs, controlled environments; automated greenhouses including the drought research facility, the Africa Technology Hub and Insectary in Delmas, South Africa; world-class genomics and sequencing facilities; fully developed advanced phenotyping through drones, satellite images and much more.

We need farms that can do things this season they couldn’t do last season. We need to answer a global demand for more food and especially for protein. And we need collaborations—within agriculture and beyond it—to figure out how we can better serve growers and consumers.

Corteva is committed to enriching the lives of those who produce and those who consume. Through partnerships we are already increasing access to technologies and improving agronomic practices to enrich lives of smallholder and commercial farmers, as well as growing our business in emerging economies.

If we work together, we can make sure our global food systems provide enough food for everyone. Relentless innovation and bold leadership are absolutely essential and Corteva Agriscience™ is fully committed to this cause.