K400 million shortage for e-vouchers

The electronic voucher (e-vouchers) system for the 2016/2017 farming seasons is mired in delays, because of a cash shortfall of K400 m. This according to Agriculture permanent secretary Julius Shawa, who appeared before parliament’s budget committee. Shawa said his ministry needed K1.04 bn to sufficiently fund the e-voucher payments. So…

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Slow take off for E-voucher system

After the first season of implementation, farmers in Zambia still experienced some hitches with the Farmer Input Service Progam (FIST) E-voucher system implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). Farmers in the Copperbelt province called on the authorities responsible for the system to speed up the process, since delays might…

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The newly implemented FIST E-voucher system to support farmers with inputs, works for some farmers and dealers, but for others not yet.

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