Fresh produce: Success doesn’t come easy

The fresh produce market as a channel offers producers several options and opportunities. These benefits drastically decrease, however, in the absence of careful planning. This article was written by Prof. A. Leonard and Dr. J. Range. Planning around marketing options realise a higher level of success, provided it’s done in…

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Marketing tips: Your road map to successful fresh produce marketing

Every fresh produce farmer must have a plan for how he’s going to sell his crops. Your marketing plan is like a road map that guides you through the steps of marketing so that you can successfully sell your fresh produce. It gives you “check points” to provide direction, measure…

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Vegetable production: Don’t underestimate morogo

Morogo (imifino) long bore the image of poverty and deprivation - food only eaten by those who couldn’t afford meat. Today, more and more people are recognising its true nutritional and cultural value. There are many different kinds of morogo and the leaves are freely available. Traditionally, most morogo is…

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