Orange maize picks up popularity in Zambia

Bio-fortified orange maize has enjoyed a rapid growth acceleration and reached almost a million Zambian people in three years. Zambia’s HarvestPlus country manager, Dr Eliab Simpungwe, said government had driven the crop’s adoption, and promotion, through a dedicated budget allocation. According to HarvestPlus, government is the major buyer of the…

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Saving sight with orange maize

A new study shows that orange maize could help Zambians overcome malnutrition, a major challenge in the country. Dr Amanda Palmer, of Johns Hopkins Centre for Human Nutrition, headed a research team in the Mkushi district that conducted a trial in which they studied the visual responses of children (in…

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Farmers in Zambia proudly display their vitamin A maize harvest. Now that the benefits of vitamin A are more widely understood, farmers and consumers are increasingly enthusiastic about orange maize.

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