Newcastle disease outbreaks reported in Botswana

According to a report from the OIE, 3 outbreaks of the deadly viral poultry disease Newcastle disease have been reported in Botswana. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) yesterday released an immediate notification report of 3 outbreaks of the disease in the Kgatleng, Central and South-East provinces. A total…

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Farmers must register to sell live chickens

Buyers and sellers of live chickens reacted positively to governments set of requirements on how poultry may be sold. The conditions must prevent the highly contagious H5N8 virus, also known as bird flu, from spreading. The measurements were put in place after an outbreak on two commercial farms. Government first…

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Poultry production: Vaccines – Newcastle disease

There has been an outbreak of Newcastle disease (ND) in South Africa’s Limpopo Province and a consequent scare in the poultry industry. Up to date vaccination is always important and now is a good time for poultry farmers to review their vaccination programmes and check on the right way to handle…

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Poultry production: Prevent Newcastle disease in your flock

Newcastle disease (NCD) is feared world-wide for its ability to cause huge losses in poultry businesses, right from the smallest backyard operation to intensive, commercial poultry farms. The highly contagious and deadly virus spreads like lightning where chickens are housed in enclosed spaces. It moves throughout and spreads regionally through…

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