Vegetable production: Grow potatoes profitably

Potatoes are the fourth most important food crop in the world, after wheat, maize and rice. They are also the second highest vegetable producer of protein (second only to soya beans) and have a more balanced content of minerals and vitamins than any other major carbohydrate food crop. Potatoes are…

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Vegetable production: Potato bacterial diseases

We look at the bacterial pathogens that can cause disease in potato plants and tubers. Yield losses and reduced cosmetic value are 2 of the detrimental effects bacterial diseases can have in the potato industry. Of these, Ralstonia solanacearum (bacterial wilt), Pectobacterium spp, Dickeya spp (previously known as Erwinia spp)…

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Vegetable production: Controlling potato pests

Learning how to identify insect potato pests helps us to decide on a course of treatment. Taking a close look at the most important of the more than 60 insect pests that attack potatoes will help potato farmers to protect their crops and income. POTATO TUBER MOTH The moths are…

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Vegetable production: Seed potatoes – make an informed choice

Potatoes are one of the few annual crops for which vegetative tissue (tubers) are used instead of botanical seed. Tubers used as planting material are known as seed potatoes. Edible tubers are called ware or table potatoes. Using them as seed can cause problems, as one does not know how…

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