Your library for fresh produce production

Need some advice and information on vegetable farming? Look no further, we compiled all of the fresh produce articles produced on  so far in this one post, so you can have all the information in one place. Horticulture: Grow vegetables in a tyre garden Creative and practical, South African musician…

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Preserving for later – pungent tomato paste and puree

These recipes are a great way to preserve tomatoes which are a bit overripe. It will allow you to add a spicy tomato flavour to stews and other recipes calling for tomato flavour. The recipes were translated and adapted from Lekker vir later PLUS, written by Annette Human and published…

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Storing for later – preserving tomatoes

It is tomato harvesting time and markets are flooded with tomatoes. Tomatoes are fruit that can be preserved very easily and cheaply for later use. Preserving tomatoes provides a way to add value to your product and enables you to provide a product to the market outside of harvesting season.…

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