Great push to improve animal health for sub-Saharan farmers

Veterinary experts from several international research institutions are driving an initiative worth US$7.12 million to provide appropriate technology to improve animal health and productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. The Supporting Evidence Based Interventions Initiative (SEBI) is a global scheme combining the expertise from several research institutions and partners to provide practical…

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‘Antibiotics ‘victim’ of own success’

Prof Moritz van Vuuren, Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria’s Department of Veterinary Tropic Diseases is warning that resistance against antibiotics is as challenging as climate change. “Therefore, it is important to use antibiotics as much as possible, but also as little as possible,” Van Vuuren said at the…

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US$30 million for Zambian livestock sector

The World Bank has released US$30 million to support 253 000 small-scale farmers in the livestock sector. This will increase the number of beneficiaries to 390 000 by June 2018. The money forms part of the banks’ US$64.74 million programme aimed at mitigating livestock diseases nationwide. “The programme involves institutional…

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Government adamant on hiked vet fees

Zambian Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Michael Katambo says livestock farmers must comply with the 500% increase in veterinary fees imposed earlier this month. The minister’s statement comes amidst complaints by farmers over what they’ve described as exorbitant fees. In accordance with the revised fees, a consultation was now pegged…

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