FRA to sell maize and rice on domestic market

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) announced yesterday that it planned to sell maize and paddy rice, in the coming marketing season, to local markets. “The Agency intends to sell these commodities on the local market between November 2016 and October 2017, through allocations to various purchase categories, and may use…

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Saving sight with orange maize

A new study shows that orange maize could help Zambians overcome malnutrition, a major challenge in the country. Dr Amanda Palmer, of Johns Hopkins Centre for Human Nutrition, headed a research team in the Mkushi district that conducted a trial in which they studied the visual responses of children (in…

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Farmers in Zambia proudly display their vitamin A maize harvest. Now that the benefits of vitamin A are more widely understood, farmers and consumers are increasingly enthusiastic about orange maize.

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