Biological products: The table stakes of doing business in South Africa

Biocontrols are quickly becoming essential to delivering fruit and vegetables that satisfy the ever-increasing demand for food raised with fewer traditional chemical inputs.

To learn more about this growing segment within the industry, Meister Media Worldwide, a global agricultural media company, has partnered with South African Bioproducts Organization (SABO) to develop Biocontrols Africa Conference & Expo 2017, from 12 to 13 July, 2017 in Cape Town. It is a conference designed for growers of crops specific to South Africa.

The international event will foster open dialogue on the many business reasons bioproducts are gaining traction in South Africa. Topics will include everything from crops to consumption. Growers will go back to their farms with a clear understanding of grower peer successes and challenges at each stage of the bioproduct program.

The right time for biocontrols in South Africa: Biocontrols Conference, 12-13 July, 2017 in Cape Town

  • Managing Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) in key EU export markets paves the way for widespread demand from South African growers, food retailers, and export companies.
  • Farmers are able to take advantage of return on investment (ROI) now more than ever.
  • Progressive farming community actively looking for new technologies.
  • Major companies accelerating research and development expenditures to feed demand.

There are a number of factors pushing growers to increase their use of biological control products. The EU’s ban on neonicotinoids, concerns about endocrine disruption, and an increasing consumer concern about the use of traditional chemical products have all been contributors. Growers have also found value in the reduced withholding periods and the lack of residue concerns.

“Eighty percent of the companies that are at ABIM (Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting) have an interest in South Africa,” said Andre Fox, Chairperson of the SABO Steering Committee.

“Some have invested heavily in acquiring production units in South Africa, down to those that have appointed distributors within the current South African infrastructure. South Africa is also a good place to carry out some research and development for biological products provided the necessary permits are obtained.”

Biocontrols Africa Conference & Expo 2017 – Program Highlights Include: (Topics subject to change)

  • The latest regulatory strategy to streamline access to new and existing biocontrol technologies in South Africa.
  • Farmer success stories showing step-by-step ROI and successful implementation strategies.
  • Phasing in bioproducts strategically: a comprehensive plan that shows growers how to move from biostimulants to harvest using biological products.
  • MRLs and Consumer Views from Europe.
  • Innovation Center –– hear about the latest products and technologies from the experts.
  • Lessons from the Armyworm: How biocontrols fit into emergency registrations. Hear from suppliers and regulatory personnel specific to the armyworm infestation in Africa.
  • U.S. Market Report highlighting the success, new products, IPM strategies, and trends American growers are implementing on their specialty crops.
  • Industry-wide roundtables: pick your topic and have a meaningful discussion with experts and your grower peers.

Visit for the latest program information and to register.

When you register, USE DISCOUNT CODE AFRICANFARMING to enter a draw to win three free nights’ stay at the host hotel!

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