No-till planter for mini-tractors from Eden Equip

Eden Equip adapted their ox-drawn no-till planter to a fit small tractors.

This two-row planter can be used to plant maize, soya beans and sorghum, among others and is designed to be drawn by category 1 tractors with engines from 10 kW to 25 kW. It plants at a rate of 3 km to 5 km per hour.

The planter has 2 bins – 1 for seed and the other for fertiliser. The seed bin’s volume is 7.5 litres and the fertiliser bin’s is 22.5 litres. It can apply as much as 550 kg of fertiliser per hectare at a row width of 760 mm. Its depth control wheels are 350 mm wide.

Eden Equip’s no-till planter for mini-tractors costs R32 490.

Enquiries: Contact Adriaan Jacobs on or, or +27 82 728 1213 for more information.


Click here for the Eden Equip mini-tractor no-till planter’s specifications.

Take a look at the planter in action in this video.

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