Sheep or goat pipe feeder with many benefits

With this feeder plan, mr. CA van Niekerk can easily creep feed up to 26 lambs. CA, from the Northern Cape in South Africa, came up with this clever plan to easily and effectively feed his lambs without worrying about the ewes stealing the lambs’ feed. He used blue PVC pipes and transformed them into feed troughs that are specially adapted for the lambs.

“It’s the usual 315 mm pipe, class 6, 9 or 12, that are rejected at the factory. These pipes are usually rejected because they don’t close tight enough to hold water. I made sure it’s pipes that were discarded as new pipes can cost you anything from ZMK 1200 to ZMK1500 per 6 m pipe.”

These pipes are sold in 6 m units and CA cuts each piece in two for easily handled feed troughs that are 3 m each.

“At the end of each of the pipes I used an iron plate to close it off and prevent the grain from running out when the lambs feed. To prevent the trough from rolling away, I used a cross iron as base. If seen from the top, I drilled 26 holes with a circumference of 140 mm each on either side of the middle line so a lamb can easily get his head into the feeder,” says CA.

A finished feeder costs about ZMK300.

Lambs aged 10 to 14 days already using the pipe feeder.
Lambs aged 10 to 14 days already using the pipe feeder.

Contact: Mr. CA van Niekerk, email: can@hantam.co.za.

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