Zambian Markets: Monthly oversight

It is expected that economic growth in Zambia will improve in the coming months as drought conditions weaken.

After the previous El Niño conditions, Zambians can expect La Niña weather conditions in the next production year.

In Zambia, La Niña conditions usually causes normal to above normal rainfall from October to March. According to the seasonal predictions an average to above average harvest is expected.

Farmers have greatly benefited from the higher crop prices in 2015/16. This will enable them to buy agricultural inputs for the coming production year. It will benefit the harvest.

The amount of Zambian hectares under wheat has decreased in the 2015/16 season due to low rainfall. Persistent power failures in the country also had a negative impact on irrigation. The expected increase in dam levels of the Kariba dam will decrease the load shedding. The Kariba dam is the most important supplier of hydro-power.

The lack of water left the country’s small stock in a poor condition. The arrival of rain in November will allow water levels to recover from the current low levels, replenishing the moisture levels of the soil. This will allow pastures to recover as the season progresses. It might help to improve the conditions of livestock.

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