Turn scrap into feeding troughs

Using old tyres and corrugated sheets, a farmer assembled a handy feeding trough. After folding the corrugated sheet through the tyre, fasten the tyre securely to the fence at the right height for the sheep, or goats, to feed comfortably.

“You can even bury the tyres in sandy soil so that the trough stands firm wherever you want it,” says Jacques Herselman.

The troughs can be extended, or shortened, to whatever length is desired and sheep find it easy to feed from them.
Drainage is good but can be improved by putting a bigger tyre at the end of the feeder, or by drilling holes in the corrugated iron just where it bends.

“It takes five minutes to build a 6m trough and when you have no further use for it, you can just throw it on the scrap heap,” says this innovative young farmer.

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