Zambia Army to farm 2 000 ha in the Copperbelt

The Zambian government’s 2017 budget supports incentives and initiatives that promote crop and livestock farming and put agriculture at the centre of future economic growth.

In what could be interpreted as a move to underpin the focus on agriculture, the Zambia Army has acquired 2 000ha in Lufwanyama, in the Copperbelt Province, and earmarked it for agriculture.

The Zambia Army’s entry into agriculture is set against the background of the recent mooted liberalisation of the maize price in the next season.

As recently as last week, President Lungu announced that maize price controls would be dropped for the next season’s crop as part of a move to boost maize production by giving farmers more value for their production efforts.

Sturdy Mwale, defence ministry’s permanent secretary, told media today that the land acquisition had been made in a bid to boost Zambian food security.

“The army has bought 2 000 ha in Lufwanyama, to undertake various farming activities and contribute to the nation’s food security,” said Mwale.

The permanent secretary said a serious agricultural programme had the potential to contribute significantly to the national food basket.

Agricultural experts were currently on the ground assessing various farming activities and their suitability to the area.

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