Up close and personal with Emmanuel Mudau

1. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

I was advised not to look for instant success in farming. It is a long journey full of hard lessons but rewarding if you do it right. 

2. If there was one thing you could have done differently, what would it have been? 

I should have started buying the right quality animals from the onset. Just buying animals from everywhere, especially at auctions where people brought things they didn’t even want, wasted a lot of my time. 

3. What has been your single biggest success to date? 

Being able to breed good quality animals that sell for over R25 000 each. These are my proudest moments.

4. Who has made the biggest contribution to your success?

I’m a man of faith and believe that without the God of Mount Zion, and my dad, I would have not come this far. There are times when not even advice from the best farmers can take you through situations – only prayer does it.

5. What kind of relationship do you have with your neighboring farmers and what role have they played in your success? 

I have a fantastic relationship with all my farming neighbours.

6. Was it a struggle to get financing and what advice do you have for anyone looking for money?

I didn’t really have to get finance. I’ve never had to take a loan for this operation. I believe that my passion to farm got where I am today. Without it, I wouldn’t have been here even with the finance. My advice is to start with what you have and follow your passion. 

7. What role have input suppliers, like animal health companies played in the business? 

Afrivet is my only partner who is involved in this business. They send me a vet every time I have a problem.

8. If there was a single piece of advice you could give the minister of agriculture, what would it be?

Please be on the ground and work with the farmers. Understand our struggles so that you know exactly how to help us. 

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