Vaccination is key to ensuring livestock health

Palesa Moahloli is a rising star and woman making strides in the farming industry. Not only has she won numerous awards, she is also a successful livestock farmer near Boshof in the Free State. That is precisely why African Farming’s host, Angie Khumalo, visited her.

Khumalo ended the second episode of African Farming with expert advice from Dr Thapelo Makae, veterinarian at Elanco.

She wanted to know from him if there is anything that Moahloli can do to better the condition and health of her livestock. Moahloli is already a fan of Elanco’s products and loves to use Byboost Kickstart. She believes it gives her piglets what they need to become stronger. Byboost Kickstart contains vitamins and minerals that gives the animal a boost of fast and sustained energy.

Moahloli also farms with Brangus and Bonsmara cattle. Makae took the opportunity to talk about Brucellosis, a zoonotic disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. It can have a devastating effect on a herd, if not managed properly, as it is a highly infectious decease that primarily present in animals and can be transmitted to humans through products such as unpasteurised milk or even discharges from the uterus of an infected animal.

Makae therefore highlighted that Brucellosis is an important disease to be aware of, especially in livestock farming.

“One of the main characteristics of Bovine brucellosis is abortions late (six to seven months) in a pregnancy.”

He says farmers’ livestock usually become infected when they buy cattle to expand their herd. Some of the new cattle may be infected, posing a risk to their existing herd. Farmers should insist that cattle that are brought in, are from a herd that tested negative for brucellosis. This disease causes the local livestock industry millions of rand each year. That is why, by law, heifers must be vaccinated against brucellosis before 4 and 8 months.

Elanco has a wide range of production animal remedies to help Moahloli’s herd stay healthy. Products were developed so that farmers and their trusted veterinarians can optimally maintain the health, productivity, and profitability of their livestock operation.

To offer true value, an animal health product must not only work, it should also provide the farmer with a healthy return on his investment. Elanco backs every one of their products with a satisfaction guarantee, as well as on-going support for the farmer and his business. It’s what the company calls: The Elanco Quality Promise!

For more information: Dr Thapelo Makae,

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