Karan video series – Episode 4: Fertility

Karan Beef, through The Karan Beef Academy, has published an excellent educational video series designed to provide essential cattle farmer training to the future commercial farmers of South Africa.

This 10-part series aims to equip aspiring and existing cattle farmers in South Africa with the knowledge and skills to enhance profitability and succeed in the ever-growing beef cattle market. It is available in English, isiXhosa, and isiZulu.

In this episode key questions regarding fertility are discussed. The why, what, when, and how much to feed your animals to ensure optimal fertility. We will also talk about the importance of supplementing to guard against any deficiencies when natural grazing is insufficient. Fertility is influenced by factors such as genetics, animal health, stress, nutrition, and management.

For good reproduction, the main aim is to have the animals in good body condition and generally healthy. We will cover cow health and nutrition and how the bull will affect fertility. We will enlighten you on the selection of a breed suitable to your environment or region. Furthermore, we will discuss the benefits of cross-breeding, matching stock flow with fodder flow, and various management strategies to bear in mind for optimal fertility.

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