Karan video series – Episode 5: Best practice of introducing new cattle to your herd

7 May 2024

Karan Beef, through The Karan Beef Academy, has published an excellent educational video series designed to provide essential cattle farmer training to the future commercial farmers of South Africa.

This 10-part series aims to equip aspiring and existing cattle farmers in South Africa with the knowledge and skills to enhance profitability and succeed in the ever-growing beef cattle market. It is available in English, isiXhosa, and isiZulu.

This episode will discuss the best practices or protocols you should be following when introducing new cattle to your herd and refers to the steps that need to be taken to prevent diseases from occurring on your farm or spreading within or between the herds in your community. Some of these

preventative measures include medications, vaccinations, dipping, and quarantine facilities. The topics that are covered in this episode include the components of best practice, quarantine, grazing areas, your community, and dip tanks.

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