Voermol emphasises key role in animal feed market with new logo

Voermol has been a pioneer in the animal feed industry for more than 55 years. The efficiency of Voermol’s products and cost-effective feeding systems have been proven time and time again in the field. 

Voermol has decided that the time is right to redesign its logo to better reflects this high-quality brand in the animal feed market, but at the same time remains extremely recognizable. The slogan remains: “What nature lacks, Voermol will provide.” This reflects Voermol’s continued commitment to improving the productivity and profitability of ruminant businesses:

  • To enable producers to feed their livestock strategically so they can maximize their return on investment.
  • To produce, collect and distribute valuable information on productivity.
  • To provide training and expert advice to commercial and emerging livestock farmers.
  • To promote professional interaction and thus improve the agribusiness environment in the interest of all livestock producers in South Africa.

Voermol is proud of the path the company has taken, as well as the partnerships it has forged with agribusinesses and farmers across South Africa. The Voermol story is based on science, together with an unwavering approach to quality.

Voermol is constantly developing innovative new products that complement the existing range of molasses-based supplements. This ensures that the genetic potential of ruminants is fully harnessed time and time again.

Voermol’s highly experienced and knowledgeable technical and sales team is known for strong partnerships with customers. The team provides expert advice that improves the production and profitability of farming businesses through world-class products.

As the company evolves, Voermol undertakes to continue delivering quality products and services to the industry, and to prioritize improvement in all business operations.

Voermol would like to thank customers, cooperatives, business partners, staff and their families for their continued friendship, loyalty and support! “Let’s work together for a bright and sustainable future.”

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