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Poultry production: Water tips for broiler chickens

It’s that time of the year when temperatures are still high. If you’re running broiler chickens think about their water needs. Water is a hugely important part of broiler production since broiler chickens need to drink twice as much water as the quantity of feed they eat.

Chickens should always drink water that is fit for human consumption; it must be fresh, clean and free of bacteria. So keep your drinking systems clean. If you’re running a broiler chicken operation, test the water once a year for mineral content.

When the ambient temperatures are high, water helps to cool the chickens down, so it’s important to keep the water cool especially when it gets hot. Some farmers add ice to their water tanks to help cool down the drinking water.

It may be a good idea to insulate your water tanks and try to keep them out of direct sunlight during very hot weather. When it cools down, don’t allow the water to get too cold, especially when you are managing chicks. Day old chicks should get water at room temperature.

Make sure the drainage is good when the chicken house is cleaned out at the end of a cycle. Inadequate or poor drainage may lead to a build-up of pathogens outside the chicken house.

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