Zambians call for South African investors

Zambian minister, Japhen Mwakalombe, of Lusaka Province urged South African investors from the agricultural sector to invest in Zambia. Mwakalombe was addressing delegates at Agri All Africa’s Zambian Seminar, near Johannesburg this week.

“We, the government [of Zambia], welcome your farmers, financiers and agriculture specialists into our country,” said Mwakalombe. “We play host to the lands and waters you need to grow your farming operations, and we will continue to build support infrastructure.”

Developing roads infrastructure

“Zambia is determined to provide a proper and efficient road network for the private sector,” Mwakalombe said.

Since 2013, the country had undertaken an ambitious upgrade of its roads network through the Link Zambia 8000 project, and this was a work in progress. The project aims to tar 8 000km of gravel road, of which 40% (3 200km) had already been done.

Air and rail

To ease the flow of fresh produce from Zambia to Europe, infrastructure worth US$1, 8 billion had been developed at the country’s airports.

Several rail projects designed to connect Zambia with her neighbours and countries further afield are in the pipeline. One of these is an upgrade to the railway linking Zambia to Tanzania. Train speed is planned to increase to 120km/h.

Mwakalombe said it was time for Africa to create innovative solutions to her problems, and for Africans to work together to achieve a productive synergy without being unduly influenced by what was happening outside the continent

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