Zambians urged to crack more eggs

Zambians were ‘egged on’ to make eggs a bigger part of their daily diet during World Egg Day celebrations (14 October).

Vice-chairperson of the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ), Veronica Machungwa, asked that government include eggs in school feeding programmes. She said the low consumption of eggs in the country was disappointing.

There was no programme aimed at increasing eggs in the diet which was a pity said Machungwa because high-protein eggs are a quality food. As a source of good nutrition, eggs could be seen as helpful to Zambians facing hunger and nutrient deficiencies.

According to the World Food Programme, Zambia has one of the highest rates of undernourished people in the world at almost 7,4 million.
Approximately 40% of Zambian children suffer from stunted growth and 6% from wasting.

At World Egg Day, PAZ egg producers donated 280 trays of eggs to three orphanages in Lusaka, and to two community schools to increase egg consumption through awareness.

This is the second time Zambians have celebrated World Egg Day which was launched by PAZ last year.
World Egg Day became a global event 21 years ago as a citizen education project to inform people about the quality protein content and high food value of eggs.

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