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Zambia’s rainfall outlook remains poor

The dry spell that has hit parts of Zambia is likely to continue for a few more weeks, says the Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD).

ZMD Acting Director, Edson Nkonde said prospects of improved rainfall have been dimmed by another cyclone hovering over the Indian Ocean.

Nkonde said ZMD was closely working with the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure contingency plans were in place for farmers in Lusaka, Central, Western and Southern provinces affected by the dry spell.

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“What is important is for farmers to have accurate information on the changing weather patterns to allow them make contingency plans,” he said.

The southern half of the country has recorded less rainfall compared to the same period last season. Lusaka reported no rain at all while other parts had poor rainfall distribution. This was attributed to Cyclone Ava that had been moving south-eastwards across Madagascar.

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